Global Warming

Q: So let’s talk about global warming. Do you think global warming is something real?

A: Oh yeah. It used to seem like scientists were arguing about it, but now it seems like they have

come to the consensus that it’s real. [1]

Q: And do you think it is caused more by human activities or by natural causes?

A: Oh, I think we humans are making the problem. [2]

Q: So do you think that the effects of global warming are starting to be felt now?

A: Some. Though I don’t think the effects will be really serious during my lifetime. [3]

Q: Do you worry about it a lot?

A: A fair amount. It’s not the most important environmental problem. I’m more concerned about

pollution. But it’s important. [4]

Q: Are you willing to take steps to curb global warming even if it might have some negative impact

on the economy?
A: Some. But I think we can have a strong economy and address environmental issues too. It’s not

an either-or. I don’t think the problem is so pressing that we have to take steps that would be really

drastic. [5]

Q: So do you support the US participating in the Kyoto Treaty?

A: Yes. Aren’t we? [6]

Q: Well, actually not. The Bush administration is opposed to it.

A: Really? Hmm. That doesn’t sound good to me. But maybe I don’t know enough to judge. [7]

Q: As you may know, there is a major controversy about whether the developing countries should be

required to cut their emissions that contribute to global warming. Some people say on a per-person

basis, less-developed countries produce far less greenhouse gases, and so they should not be required

to limit their emissions until they develop their economies more, while others argue that the less-

developed countries produce a substantial and growing amount of greenhouse gases and should be

required to limit their emissions. What do you think?

A: I think they should be required to limit them some, but I don’t know if we can really ask them to

actually reduce them the way that the developed countries need to. [8]

Q: So, what if we cannot get developing countries—or any other country, for that matter--to limit their

emissions? Should the US still try to reduce its emissions?

A: We should go ahead even if the others do not follow. [9]

Q: If the less-developed countries are willing to limit their emissions, do you think the developed

countries should provide the technology and training necessary to help them?

A: Definitely. You see, now that’s a kind of foreign aid I really like. [10]

Q: Just one last question. Do you think that, as compared to the average American, you are more or

less supportive of taking steps to reduce global warming?

A: Oh, definitely more supportive. I can see why politicians have so much trouble taking the necessary

steps to deal with the problem. If everybody was like me, it would be quite different. [11]